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since 1977

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  • CNC machining
  • EDM Wire & RAM
  • Gun Drilling
  • Turning
  • Polishing


Premiere Machine & Design Services Co.


  Machine Shop and Tool & Die Services


     Phone: (732) 485-8678                                                                                                                     Fax (908) 874-5777

Over 35 yrs Experience Machining Parts for:


 Machine Builders – Replacement Parts –  Injection Molding & Custom Profile Plastic Extrusion Mfg’s


                                     Services Offered: 



Close Tolerance Short / Long Run Production. (Milling. Turning, Drilling, CNC, WEDM)


                                                            PUNCH & DIE TOOLING


We specialize in Designing & Manufacturing Punch & Die Tooling for the Plastic Industry.


                                                                        JIGS & FIXTURES


We can Design and produce Jigs & Fixtures to speed up production and reduce quality related problems.


                                                                SPECIALIZED TOOLING


For specialized applications we can assist you in designing and manufacturing specialized tools and or machinery for your manufacturing process including: Tape Applicators, Embossing Equipment, Heat Sealers/Welders, and Custom Plastic Forming Equipment. 




We have extensive experience machining a wide variety of plastic materials.




Capable of Designing and Manufacturing all components as follows:

Extrusion Dies, Feed Heads, Multi-Color Dies, Multi-Durometer Dies, Vacuum Sizers, Vacuum Calibrators, Sizing Plates, Water Tanks, Vacuum Tanks, Product Consultations.


                                                                ENGINEERING SERVICES


We will assist you in any phase of the design process of your products.  From concept to the proper manufacturing processes, to tooling and appropriate materials required.


Pour it Mold & Design 

Do-it Mold Service Create your own custom jig, lure or sinkers to your design using the latest high tech design and manufacturing software and CNC machinery.


Phone: 908-246-6831                                                                                                           Email: info@pouritmold.com